Weight Loss Treatment & Services in Sharjah

At Valo8, we offer a comprehensive weight management (and not weight loss) program for those who wish to attain a fat-free, healthy body for a longer run. The therapies and sessions we include in this 14-day program focus on physical as well as emotional challenges involved in losing that extra weight.

Step by step, right from the dietary intake to the exercises schedule, the program detoxifies your body and encourages you to inculcate certain lifestyle changes in your routine that help you maintain your weight loss even after you're back home in your routine life. At Valo8, we don't believe in diets but eating healthy that benefit your body the most.


Our Weight Management Program follows a rigorous and effective routine where qualified, expert doctors help fix up a routine for your and strategically combine it with Naturopathy, yoga and Ayurvedic therapies to help you lose all that extra flab and rejuvenate your entire system. As a result, you don't just feel slimmer but also more energetic and charged. This program also helps in increasing your immunity levels and keeps common infectious diseases at bay.

Weight Loss Therapy & Treament in Sharjah

Weight Loss - Benefits:

- Increased energy level
- Lower your cholesterol levels
- Reduce your blood pressure
- Reduce chances of getting Cancer
- Improved mobility
- Improve your breathing
- Help you sleep better
- Prevention of angina- chest pain
- Decreases your risk of heart attack
- Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes
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