Ayurveda Weight Loss Treatment in Sharjah

Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word that evolves from combination of two words, "Ayuh" meaning life and "veda" meaning knowledge. Ayurveda "Science of Life" or "wisdom of life" deals with nature and includes all aspects of life. Ayurveda is a 6000 years old science that originated in India and the components and concept of Ayurveda is rooted in Vedas, the ancient book of knowledge that dates around 3000BC. The component of the science that deals with health and disease is known as Ayurvedic Medicine and came into existence around 1000BC.


At Valo8, after doing personal counseling, experts arrange a number of Ayurveda therapies suitable for the guest's body type and combine it with regular yoga and meditation routines during the stay so as to maximize the impact. In addition, each guest is encouraged to know his/her body and their relationship with food well so that they know when are they actually hungry and when can they easily skip the habit to binge. We also offer special Ayurveda food cooking classes for guests on special request so that they can follow up the same eating routine once they go back home.

Ayurvedic Treatment In Sharjah

Ayur Care Packages:

“Healthier Execution for Health” is the key vision of Valo8. Health and Fitness have been made accessible to all strata of society, thus serving a huge number of clients.
- Ayur Slim Fit
- Ayur-Physio Pain Management
- Ayur- Udvardhanam
- Ayur- Kizhi
- Ayur- Dhara
- Ayur- Punarnava
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